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21.02.2017 Exscudo Russian startup Exscudo aims to make the cryptocurrency market accessible to all

Since its emergence in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has come a long way but today – the market faces several difficulties.

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20.02.2017 yandex Yandex appears to take on autonomous driving in earnest

Yandex, Russia’s largest Internet company and search engine, appears to be diversifying to focus also on driverless vehicles development.

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16.02.2017 yandex Yandex launches machine intelligence and research division

Earlier this week Yandex, the leading Internet search company in Russian-language countries, announced the creation of its new “Machine Intelligence and Research (MIR) Division.”

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15.02.2017 Healthcare Russian company develops advanced thrombosis therapy

FK Laboratories, a domestic biotech developer, is working on its novel drug candidate to prevent and treat thromboses, a serious health condition for millions of people.

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14.02.2017 Russian startup tour Open Innovations Startup Tour completes its first leg with stop in Almaty

The Open Innovations Startup Tour 2017, a roving search for talented tech startups across Russia and several neighbouring countries, has completed its first stop abroad in the Kazakh city of Almaty, following earlier visits to Russia’s Far Eastern regions of Khabarovsk and the Sakha republic.

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13.02.2017 Battery Russian scientists work to address deficiencies of Li-air batteries

Chemists and material science researchers at the Moscow Lomonosov State University have looked into emerging problems behind the operation of new ultra-capacity Li-air storage batteries, specifically into reasons for their damage because of oxygen reduction, and now appear to see ways of slowing down the process.

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10.02.2017 Apotheke-2 New bacteria for next gen antibiotics developed in Russia

Microbiologists at the Moscow Lomonosov State University (MSU)’s department of biology have used cell engineering techniques to develop a new strain of lactic acid bacteria capable of generating antibiotics with a wide range of applicability.

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09.02.2017 Playkey German IT company invests $1.5 million in Skolkovo startup Playkey

Playkey, a resident startup of the Skolkovo Foundation’s IT cluster, has attracted $1.5 million in investment from Darz, a major German IT service provider and data centre owner, in exchange for a share of the company.

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08.02.2017 Ankudinovka Nizhny Novgorod programmers developed a new generation of high-tech presentation

The project, called Diafilm, is implemented by NeFabrika, Ltd. on the basis of Technopark Ankudinovka.

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07.02.2017 BXP39992 Scientists inch along through research to electrolyte-free storage battery

Scientists at the St. Petersburg Peter the Great Polytechnic University in collaboration with French, Swiss and Polish colleagues have unveiled a discovery which they believe is a major first step towards the development of electrolyte-free storage batteries.

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03.02.2017 AstraZeneca AstraZeneca interested in Russian molecules for oncology

AstraZeneca, a British-Swedish biopharmaceutical multinational, is interested in new molecules by Russian developers and considering investing more than $16m in an effort to localize production in the Russian Federation.

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02.02.2017 Rostelekom Rostelecom invests in electronic document exchange technology provider

CommIT Capital, the venture arm of national telecom operator Rostelecom, has acquired a 25% stake in the document exchange technology provider Transportation Information Technologies (TransInfoTech).

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01.02.2017 Ankudinovka Nizhny Novgorod innovators bring to the market a new tool of telemarketing

The New Generation Autoinformer project is implemented by MasterTorgNN at the Technopark Ankudinovka.

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31.01.2017 mipim-awards Skolkovo shortlisted for MIPIM award for Best Futura Mega Project

The Skolkovo innovation centre has been shortlisted as a Best Futura Mega Project at the MIPIM Awards 2017, a prestigious ceremony held as part of the MIPIM international property exhibition held annually in the French resort of Cannes.

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30.01.2017 Digital Research: only 3.2% of Russia’s innovation output considered novel in global market

Only 3.2% of the entire output of Russian innovative products were considered novel in the global market in 2015.

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27.01.2017 Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk scientists develop semi-artificial human skin

Scientists at the research center of the Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University in the mid-Volga area have developed a material almost identical to the human skin.

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26.01.2017 Elsevier Skolkovo innovators get corporate access to leading science databases

Scientists, tech entrepreneurs, students, professors and all other members of the Skolkovo innovation ecosystem now have access to the goldmine of scientific information compiled by the Elsevier publishing house.

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25.01.2017 Zhiguli-Valley A resident of the Zhiguli valley is implementing a new testing laboratory for the automotive industry

The project is called The creating an engineering laboratory of CJSC GM-AVTOVAZ for testing of materials, components, assemblies and products for the automotive industry

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24.01.2017 Healthcare Russian scientists unveil molecule to fight chemotherapy-resistant cancer

A new anti-tumor compound that is said to be able to fight even chemotherapy-resistant cancers has been developed in Moscow.

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23.01.2017 Davos Skolkovo innovation city taking final shape, Vekselberg says at Davos

Skolkovo is taking on its final shape as an innovation city, its president Victor Vekselberg said at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday.

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