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07.12.2016 Ankudinovka A technology based on artificial intelligence introduced in Nizhny Novgorod

This project is implemented by LadAyTi company at the technopark Ankudinovka.

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06.12.2016 Diagnostics Skolkovo startups win prizes for devices designed for disabled people

Two Skolkovo-backed startups, Motorica and Caterwil, have been awarded Hope in Technology prizes by the Trade and Industry Ministry in the category of social projects using rehabilitation technologies and devices.

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05.12.2016 Generation S Russian industrial majors cultivate Russian industrial start-ups

GenerationS, the largest government accelerator program in Russia and Eastern Europe, has completed the screening of start-up applications.

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01.12.2016 Slush Skolkovo vice president: ‘We have learned how to make use of Slush’

The Skolkovo startups currently taking part in Slush, the annual large-scale tech startup event held in Helsinki, are better prepared than ever before, the Skolkovo Foundation’s vice president for strategy and investment, Ekaterina Inozemtseva, told on the sidelines of the giant conference.

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30.11.2016 Mobile_phone With new Russian technology, smartphone price could slide dramatically

Scientists at MISiS, a top Russian tech university based in Moscow, have developed technology which has the capacity to slash the cost of smartphone displays manufacture.

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29.11.2016 Zhiguli-Valley Integrated small boats management system has been established in Samara region

The project belongs to Center of Shipbuilding of small size, and got a support of Technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli Valley.

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28.11.2016 Cherkizovo Food giant Cherkizovo to open acceleration centre at Skolkovo Technopark

Skolkovo’s Technopark has signed an agreement with Cherkizovo Group, a major Russian meat producer, to establish an acceleration centre for Skolkovo resident startups working in the areas of biotech in agriculture and industry.

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25.11.2016 Slush 10 Russian startups to watch out for at Slush

More than 50 resident startups of the Skolkovo Foundation are heading to Helsinki next week for Slush, the biggest event for tech startups in Northern Europe.

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24.11.2016 RVC Russia to step up support of IT, biomed and industrial tech developments

Russian Venture Company (RVC), Russia’s national fund of funds for innovation, has recently set up three joint funds with the Skolkovo Foundation that manages this country’s most widely touted innovation hub under construction just outside Moscow, and is now investing more than $70m in these.

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23.11.2016 Sarov-technopark Sarov innovators offer a new natural gas pressure measurement technology

Ultrametr company (a member of the Skolkovo Foundation sience 2012) is implementing a project on the territory of Technopark Sarov.

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21.11.2016 Cognitive-Technologies Russians lead international autonomous driving efforts

Cognitive Technologies, a Russian software developer, is now leading a working group set up by IBM, Google, Nvidia, Tyan and Mellanox (all members of the international OpenPower Foundation consortium) to develop driverless vehicles.

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18.11.2016 Kopikot Bonusway raises €6.9 million in funding – A new kind of loyalty programme for active online shoppers

The Helsinki-based growth company Bonusway announces €6.9M in funding, which is a mixture of equity and debt financing.

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17.11.2016 Sberbank Sberbank prepares to launch new international fund of up to $250 million

Sberbank, Russia’s national savings bank, is in the process of creating a second venture fund, Russian news agency TASS reported last week.

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16.11.2016 Ankudinovka Nizhny Novgorod ready to launch a multiplayer computer game

The innovative project is implemented by Inkredibl Mobile entertayment, LLC with the support of Technopark Ankudinovka.

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15.11.2016 Israel Skolkovo signs agreement with Israel’s own “startup village”

The Skolkovo innovation centre has signed a cooperation agreement with the Israeli city of Yoqneam Illit, marking its first partnership with a fellow hi-tech city.

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14.11.2016 Renga-Software New domestic BIM developer to challenge U.S.’ Autodesk in Russia

1C, a Russian developer of business and household software, and Ascon, a developer of engineering software, have invested in their joint venture called Renga Software.

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11.11.2016 Ankudinovka A new approach to IP-telephony for small businesses has been developed in Nizhny Novgorod

An innovative project Digital Telephony realized by AYVA, Ltd on the basis of Technopark Ankudinovka.

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10.11.2016 Roselectronica New lasers to fight cancers and analyze gases under way in Russia

Rostec, Russia’s largest government-owned umbrella corporation for technology development, is developing new 2-5µm infrared quantum-cascade type semiconductor lasers.

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09.11.2016 Sarov-technopark Sarov innovators have developed air oxygen enrichment technology

The project is implemented by EMS company on the territory of Technopark Sarov.

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08.11.2016 Money-girl Vekselberg announces plans for VC funds, regional expansion of Skolkovo

The Skolkovo Foundation will set up three venture capital funds to provide additional sources of investment for startups, the foundation’s president Victor Vekselberg said Friday at the Open Innovations forum.

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Timur Radayev, director of the Ankudinovka technopark answers questions of

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What are the causes of frequent publications in the media about the successful implementation of Russian innovations?


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