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24.03.2017 Sberbank Sberbank to look harder at clients’ lips

Sberbank, Russia’s largest savings bank, is working on a new smart system to identify clients by their muscle activity, including lip moves.

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22.03.2017 Zhiguli-Valley Innovators from the Samara region offer a new system for protecting personal data

The project is implemented by the company Data Security Center Aideko with the support of the Technopark in the field of high-tech protection Zhiguli valley.

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21.03.2017 Digital New material helps use light to record data

Physicists at the St. Petersburg-based ITMO University have partnered with colleagues in Germany and the Netherlands in research and experiments that change parameters of the light to create quasiparticles known as excitons, which are fully controlled and enable the recording of data at room temperatures.

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20.03.2017 Exoatlet ExoAtlet CEO Ekaterina Bereziy named Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum

Ekaterina Bereziy, the CEO and co-founder of Skolkovo startup ExoAtlet, has been named one of the Young Global Leaders Class of 2017 compiled by the World Economic Forum.

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17.03.2017 Super-computer Internet of Things coming to Russian farms?

The Russian government is likely to start encouraging the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in the national agricultural sector, Kommersant reported.

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16.03.2017 Startup-of-year 3D printer for building houses, fintech app win prizes at Startup of the Year awards

Skolkovo startups won two out of four categories at the Startup of the Year awards at Moscow’s Digital October centre on Wednesday.

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15.03.2017 Zhiguli-Valley Development of a hardware-software complex of telemechanics, dispatching and automated control system for technological processes for objects of municipal energy and housing and communal services

This name is borne by the innovative project of the company Tevis, LLC, implemented with the support of the Technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli valley.

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14.03.2017 Minkomsviaz Russia to draft new Code to regulate digital economy

Russia may soon have its “Digital Code,” a unified document to guide the regulation of the national “digital economy,” portal reported, citing Vladimir Averbakh who’s responsible for the national E-Government project in the Russian Cabinet.

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13.03.2017 Mergers-ru Skolkovo investment service ranked fourth in rating of Russian M&A consultants

The Skolkovo Foundation investment service was ranked fourth in a rating of M&A consultants working on the Russian market in 2016 that was released on Monday.

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10.03.2017 FMBA Outer space helps develop universal antitumor drug?

Scientists at the State Research Institute of Ultra-Pure Substances in St. Petersburg are completing preclinical trials for what they refer to as “heat shock protein,” a brand new drug candidate to treat malignant tumors.

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09.03.2017 mail_ru Group launches international ride sharing service

Last month Group, a leading LSE-listed Russian Internet group, launched a ride sharing service in Russia and neighboring Russian-speaking countries.

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07.03.2017 rosnano Russians out, Intel in: state firms “gainfully” exit innovative CPU developer

RVC, Russia’s fund of funds for innovation, and Rusnano, the largest Russian government-owned nanotech corporation, have successfully exited Soft Machines, a special architecture chip developer.

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06.03.2017 Promobot Skolkovo-made robot to entertain Moscow metro passengers

A friendly talking robot made by Skolkovo resident startup Promobot is to brighten up the journey for weary commuters on the Moscow metro system.

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03.03.2017 Super-computer Artificial intelligence for medicine and neurocomputers—international effort

An international research team has come up with a self-learning artificial intelligence, a breakthrough that may have wide applications, including therapies to treat human memory dysfunctions.

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01.03.2017 USA Innovation knows no bounds?

It looks like political upheavals do not strongly affect the climate of Russian-American cooperation in the innovation sphere.

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28.02.2017 PRomobot Promobot set to send 40 robots to Turkey

Forty friendly Russian robots made by Skolkovo resident startup Promobot are to head to Turkey, after a sales agreement was signed with the Turkish company LUXRA TR.

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27.02.2017 Ulyanovsk Ulyanovsk scientists develop semi-artificial human skin

Scientists at the research center of the Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University in the mid-Volga area have developed a material almost identical to the human skin.

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22.02.2017 Zhiguli-Valley Volga innovators offer a new generation of car battery

The project is implemented by CJSC Battery Innovation with the support of the technopark in sphere of high technologies Zhiguli Valley.

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21.02.2017 Exscudo Russian startup Exscudo aims to make the cryptocurrency market accessible to all

Since its emergence in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has come a long way but today – the market faces several difficulties.

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20.02.2017 yandex Yandex appears to take on autonomous driving in earnest

Yandex, Russia’s largest Internet company and search engine, appears to be diversifying to focus also on driverless vehicles development.

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