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24.04.2018 Robot Automated kingdom: robots set to congregate at Skolkovo Robotics Forum

The Skolkovo Technopark is once again getting ready to be taken over by robots for its annual Skolkovo Robotics Forum, which attracts robots – and the humans who make them – from all over the globe.

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23.04.2018 Business-incubator Social business incubator operates in Nizhny Novgorod

A special business incubator opened earlier this spring in the Nizhny Novgorod region. According to Acting Vice Governor of the NN region Evgeny Lyulin, the incubator “will offer a full cycle of social project support from the ground up and until fruition.”

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20.04.2018 Ankudinovka Nizhny Novgorod innovators offer to attract artificial intelligence to enterprise management

The project is carried out by LAD IT, LLC with the support of Technopark Ankudinovka.

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16.04.2018 China Chinese consider investing in Russian science

Tus-Holdings, a Chinese company, is considering setting up a $1bn venture fund in Russia to finance joint research projects.

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13.04.2018 Ankudinovka Nizhny Novgorod coders suggested to automate the filtration of Internet content

The project is being implemented by Network Expert Systems LLC on the basis of the Nizhny Novgorod Technopark Ankudinovka.

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12.04.2018 mail_ru Mail.Ru Group sets up subsidiary to invest in foodtech

Mail.Ru Group, one of Russia’s largest Internet companies, has set up a subsidiary to invest in foodtech.

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09.04.2018 Australia Promobot goes Down Under to take part in Commonwealth Games

Having conquered Russia, China, the U.S. and about a dozen other countries, Skolkovo resident company Promobot has sent its first robot to Australia, where the friendly promotional robot is currently taking part in the Commonwealth Games.

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06.04.2018 Ankudinovka New technology to automate business communications and personal effectiveness

The innovative project Smarty Services is realized by Oblachnyye Tekhnologiyi (Cloud Technologies) company on the basis of the Nizhny Novgorod Technopark Ankudinovka.

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05.04.2018 Korea Koreans invest in Russian exoskeletons

ExoAtlet, a Russian developer of medical exoskeletons, has raised $5m from Cosmo and Company Co., a South Korean firm.

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03.04.2018 Bitcoin Skolkovo Foundation and resident startup win blockchain awards

The Skolkovo Foundation was named Russia’s best centre of excellence in blockchain technologies, and one of the foundation’s resident startups, TVzavr, won the Blockchain Economy prize at the Russian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain (RACIB) awards this week.

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02.04.2018 SKYF Russian cargo drones to help rescue and build in Japan

SKYF, a Russian developer of cargo drones, is entering the Japanese market, citing a cooperation agreement inked recently between the Russian company and Carceil Inc., an aerospace consultancy in Japan.

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30.03.2018 ISS Preparing to print organs — in space

Skolkovo resident 3D Bioprinting Solutions made headlines around the world in 2015 when it printed a functioning thyroid construct and transplanted it successfully into a mouse.

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27.03.2018 Laptop-and-cofee Leading Moscow university launches business incubator for IT

The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), aka Phystech, one of Russia’s top technology universities, is launching its Phystech.Start business incubator this month to support young tech developers.

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23.03.2018 Ankudinovka Resident of Nizhny Novgorod Technopark «Ankudinovka» deduces Internet marketing to a new level

The project named The Integrated Internet Marketing Abroad, as well as the development of cloud solutions is being implemented by Ertop Dilzhital, Ltd.

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21.03.2018 Sberbank Sberbank to build housing for its staff at Skolkovo

Russia’s state banking giant Sberbank is planning to build a residential district to house 1,600 of its employees inside the Skolkovo innovation city, the bank’s press service confirmed to TASS news agency.

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20.03.2018 Bitcoin Russian VCs raise another fund to back blockchain

Life.Sreda, a Russian VC fund, is raising a new fund of its own to invest in blockchain. The new fund is expected to start operation before the middle of this year.

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12.03.2018 Dmiitry-Tower-150x150 Social business incubator opens in Nizhny Novgorod

A special business incubator has opened in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

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05.03.2018 FPI Russia backs medical IT developers

Russia’s Advanced Research Fund (ARF) has been boosting support for developers of IT projects to be used in medicine.

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28.02.2018 FRII New telemedicine platform gets financial backing

Russia’s Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF, aka FRII in Russian) has closed a $263,000 investment deal with Qapsula, a new Russian telemedicine service, reported.

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22.02.2018 yandex Yandex and Uber complete merger in Russia and neighboring countries

Yandex, the NASDAQ-listed Russian search giant, and Uber announced today the completion of the merger of their respective ride-sharing and food delivery businesses in Russia and neighboring countries, EWDN reported.

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