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05.09.2018 Sberbank Sberbank sets up seed fund for infrastructure projects

Sberbank CIB, an investment arm of Sberbank, Russia’s largest national savings bank, has announced plans for this country’s first seed fund to invest in infrastructure project preparation.

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31.08.2018 Healthcare Russia invests in IT solutions for medicine

Russia’s Advanced Research Fund (ARF) has been boosting support for developers of IT projects to be used in medicine.

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29.08.2018 softline Corporate VCs support internationally focused edtech

Softline Venture Partners, a corporate VC fund of the Softline group of Russian companies, has invested $500,000 in Educate Online, a domestic online platform that helps automate the selection of and admission to international private schools.

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27.08.2018 MTS Skolkovo resident wins MTS StartUp Hub accelerator

Sarex, a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation that uses aerial photography to improve telecoms services, was awarded the highest number of points of any startup at the culmination of the first MTS StartUp Hub, an accelerator programme organised by the Russian mobile network giant.

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24.08.2018 Healthcare Service to invite doctor home raises investment

Doc+, a Russian service enabling users to call and have a physician come over for help at home, has raised $9m from a consortium of international investors.

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20.08.2018 FRII New industrial scanner focused on global markets

Russia’s Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF, aka FRII in Russian) is investing $265,000 in InSize, a Russian company that has developed and is offering a special industrial scanner that enables the measuring of the key parameters of goods (height, length, width, weight, etc.) of any shape, reported.

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17.08.2018 Sputnix Sputnix satellites launched by cosmonauts during spacewalk

Two nanosatellites made by Skolkovo resident Sputnix were launched into outer space on Wednesday by cosmonauts during a spacewalk from the International Space Station (IS

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16.08.2018 Brain4net Brain4Net raises $2.5 million in investment

Brain4Net, a resident startup of the Skolkovo Foundation’s IT cluster that provides solutions for service providers, has raised $2.5 million in investment.

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15.08.2018 VEB Government banking giant backs service robotics

VEB Innovations, a subsidiary of Russia’s VEB Bank (one of this country’s largest government-owned banks), has invested $7+m in Promobot, a domestic service robots developer.

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14.08.2018 Healthcare Rusbase’s top five biotech startups are all Skolkovo residents

Rusbase, an independent website devoted to technology, business and investment, published a list on Tuesday of the top five most interesting biotech startups in Russia, and all are residents of the Skolkovo Foundation.

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10.08.2018 Samara-national-research-univercity New tech aims at faster eyesight recuperation

A collaborative team of researchers in the Lower Volga area, comprising scientists from the Samara University and medical practitioners from the local Research Institute for Eye Diseases, has developed a new method of preventing postsurgical complications in ophthalmology patients.

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08.08.2018 18-08-07 Skolkovo resident Georezonans’ technology introduced at Russia’s largest coal mine

Skolkovo company Georezonans is starting work on the degasification of part of Russia’s biggest coal mine using its innovative plasma impulse excitation technology.

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01.08.2018 Ankudinovka Support of small business is allocated in the Nizhny Novgorod technopark as a separate innovation project

The project is implemented by the State Educational Institution The Center for Export Potential Development of the Nizhny Novgorod Region on the basis of the Ankudinovka Technopark.

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31.07.2018 pulsar_venture Russian start-ups to probe Irish markets

Pulsar Venture Capital, a Russian VC fund, has pooled efforts with Ireland’s Guinness Enterprise Center and Enterprise Ireland to launch in Ireland a new business program for Russian IT start-ups and investors, including angel investors.

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27.07.2018 yandex Yandex.Money launches advanced mobile payment services for e-merchants

Earlier this month Yandex.Checkout, the B2B branch of Yandex.Money, announced an update of its mobile software development kit (SDK).

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25.07.2018 Ankudinovka Nizhny Novgorod innovators launched a start-up in the field of telemarketing

The name of the project is The Autoinformer of the New Generation. MASTERTORG NN realizes it with the support of Technopark Ankudinovka.

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23.07.2018 RZD Russian Railways supports video analytics and AR

Russian Railways, the national railroad monopoly, has unveiled plans to invest $4.8m in Skolkovo Ventures, a government-run industrial fund set up by the management of the Skolkovo Foundation.

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19.07.2018 SuperNova Three Skolkovo startups selected for VC track at Supernova in Belgium

Three Skolkovo startups are among the top 50 scale-ups selected to take part in SuperNova, a major new tech fair taking place in Antwerp on September 27-28.

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18.07.2018 RVC Nongovernmental pension funds to get incentives for VC investing

Russian Venture Company (RVC), the national fund of funds with the mandate to nurture venture investing in Russia, has unveiled a new development strategy.

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12.07.2018 VEB Government giant invests in Russian service robotics

VEB Innovations, a subsidiary of Russia’s VEB Bank (one of this country’s largest government-owned banks), is investing $7+m in Promobot, a domestic service robots developer.

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