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28.07.2016 Яндекс Yandex.Money introduces payments in live chats and on users’ wrist

Yandex.Money, a leading Russian e-wallet with about 25 million user accounts, has made its app available on the Apple Watch.

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27.07.2016 Super-computer New Russian solution: “step closer to developing a real quantum computer”

Russian scientists have come up with a method that appears to make the development of a multipurpose quantum computer much easier.

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26.07.2016 Sarov-technopark Sarov technopark offeres a solution to restore fitness without the use of drugs that can get into the list of WADA

The project entitled Magnetic Therapy is being implemented by a team consisting of leading specialists of Sarov Federal Nuclear Center in the biomedical field, with the support of Technopark Sarov.

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25.07.2016 Zhiguli-valley Samara innovators have developed terminals for cashing funds popular payment systems

The project belongs to V puti, Ltd with the support of technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli Valley.

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22.07.2016 VK VKontakte to introduce paid music services

VKontakte (VK), Russia’s leading social network, is to introduce subscription for its music services, the Izvestia newspaper reported Wednesday.

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21.07.2016 Open-innovations Open Innovations forum to be held at Skolkovo Technopark

This year’s Open Innovations tech forum will be hosted by the Skolkovo innovation centre, the event’s organizing committee headed by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich has decided.

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20.07.2016 FREE Russian government fund and mobile operators create IoT consortium

State-backed Internet startup fund FRII has teamed up with high tech company GS Group and mobile operators Megafon, MTS and VimpelCom (Beeline) to create an Internet-of-Things (IoT) consortium in Russia.

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19.07.2016 Sarov-technopark Startupers from Sarov offer a new technology for water purification

The project of Aquapolis-NN with the support of Technopark Sarov was named Coagulant.

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18.07.2016 Laptop Russia exports e-government systems to Kyrgyzia and Syria

Rostec, a major government-backed tech corporation, is in advanced discussions with the Syrian government to supply e-government systems to this war-torn country.

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15.07.2016 Sberbank Yandex and Baring Vostok invest $5.5 million in house-call doctor service

Russian search giant Yandex and private equity fund Baring Vostok Capital Partners have invested $5.5 million inDOC+, acquiring a minority stake in the company.

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14.07.2016 Ireland Russian start-ups to get funding and broader backing from Irish

Four Russian start-ups operating in the fast-growing IT markets for business, tutoring and personal needs will each get ˆ50,000 in investment from Enterprise Ireland, the Irish national innovation support agency.

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13.07.2016 Zhiguli-valley Samara innovators come up with protection for wheels

The project belongs to Voyager+, Ltd with the support of Technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli Valley.

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12.07.2016 VisionLabs Russian startup VisionLabs raises $5.5 million from Sistema VC after partnering with US tech giants

VisionLabs, a Russian startup specializing in facial recognition, data analysis and robotics, announced today that it has secured 350 million rubles ($5.5 million at the current exchange rate) from Sistema Venture Capital.

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11.07.2016 Skolkovo Russia’s Comindware develops alternatives to SAP, Oracle and IBM business solutions

Comindware, a Russian developer of project and business management solutions, has come up with a horizontal platform to build business apps called Comindware Business Application Platform, the Skolkovo Foundation announced.

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08.07.2016 UK U.K. to get its first Promobots following fame of “runaway robot”

Promobot, the Russian robot-maker that sprang to international fame last month when one of its robots was reported to have escaped from the testing ground in a fit of wanderlust, has made its first deal with the U.K. on the back of the escapade.

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07.07.2016 Diagnostics Dill and parsley to suppress cancer development

Russian scientists have found new ways of synthesizing substances that block cancerous cell growth, using a cheap and readily available raw material—dill and other parsley family herbs.

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06.07.2016 Sarov-technopark Sarov innovators offer domestic analogue of foreign high-quality intraocular implants

Name of the project is Vzor. Project Company is Implant-Engineering, Ltd. The project is implemented on the territory of Technopark Sarov.

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05.07.2016 HSEE Russian regions ranked by innovative development

The HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge has released its annual rating of the innovations development of Russia’s regions, topped by the republic of Tatarstan.

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04.07.2016 Apotheke-2 Russian researchers develop new multiple sclerosis solution

Collaborative researchers at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, St. Petersburg Municipal Multiple Sclerosis Center #31, and two private companies in St. Pete, Pharmasintez and Xenetic, have developed a new form of vaccine to treat multiple sclerosis, one of the deadliest neurodegenerative diseases of autoimmune nature.

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01.07.2016 Prisma Quirky mobile photo app leads App Store ranking in Russia and neighboring countries, raises millions from top investors

An art filter app launched by a Russian programmer, Alexey Moiseenkov, is leading Apple’s App Store ranking in Russia and several neighboring countries – including Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan – ahead of Whatsapp, VK, Instagram, Viber, Aliexpress and other traditional leaders in the region.

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Yuri Smorodov, Director of NGO International Innovation Agency (IIA, Nizhny Novgorod) shares his impressions of his trip to China.

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How important is the presence of venture capital in the stock market of the country for the success of Russian start-ups?


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