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23.11.2017 Zhiguli-Valley «Internet refrigerator» will take care of purchasing food products

Innovative projects dedicated to this topic are carried out by Artkrim, LLC with the support of the technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli Valley.

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21.11.2017 Sberbank Sberbank acquires stake in leading face recognition company VisionLabs

Russia’s biggest lender, Sberbank, has acquired 25.07 percent of shares in Skolkovo resident startup VisionLabs, which has been ranked one of the world’s best face recognition technology companies.

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14.11.2017 Russian oil giant sources domestic technology from state-owned fund

This year Rosneft, Russia’s largest government-owned oil company, was one of the key customers for technologies that come from a government fund called National Intellectual Development, aka Innopraktika.

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09.11.2017 Money-in-hands Russian business “listless” in funding R&D, study found

Scientists at Russia’s Higher School of Economics (HSE) conducted in-depth research covering a period between 2000 and 2016, and found that government coffers remain the largest source of funding for R&D in Russia, while the share of involvement from private business is shrinking.

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03.11.2017 PGU Perm neural networks diagnose and forecast infarctions

Scientists at the Perm State University (PSNRU) in the West Urals have developed an intelligent cardiovascular diseases diagnostics and prognostication system built on advanced artificial neural networks (ANNs).

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01.11.2017 Ankudinovka Integrated Internet marketing abroad, as well as the development of cloud solutions

It is the name of the innovative project of Ertop Dilzhital company implemented with the support of Technopark Ankudinovka.

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30.10.2017 Sputnix Sputnix, Far Eastern University join forces to promote space entrepreneurship

Sputnix, a resident startup of the Skolkovo Foundation that makes hi-tech microsatellite components and services, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFA) on educational scientific work to create and operate small spacecraft and related systems.

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26.10.2017 Robot Scientists push for new way of non-volatile memory development

Russian scientists at Moscow-based Phystech (MIPT), a leading technology university, in partnership with their Korean colleagues earlier this year developed a new method which is expected to help create a promising new type of non-volatile memory.

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24.10.2017 RosAtom_logo Russia’s nuclear giant to launch venture fund

Rosatom, the national nuclear energy corporation, is launching its own venture fund next year. The holding firm is expected to shell out more than $105m for the fund to begin with, reported.

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20.10.2017 Samara-national-research-univercity New technology developed to improve eyesight recuperation

A collaborative team of researchers in the Lower Volga area, comprising scientists from the Samara University and medical practitioners from the local Research Institute for Eye Diseases, has developed a new method of preventing postsurgical complications in ophthalmology patients.

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17.10.2017 Open-innovations Glimpsing the future: Ten things not to miss at Open Innovations

The Skolkovo innovation city is gearing up to host the biggest Open Innovations forum that Russia has yet seen on October 16-18, featuring tech stars, government representatives , entrepreneurs, businesspeople and futurologists from around the world.

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16.10.2017 Japan Japanese back Russian online micro-lending platform

SimpleFinance, a Russian online micro-lending platform targeting small and medium-sized businesses, earlier this fall secured an equity investment from the SBI FinTech Business Innovation Fund LPS, EWDN reported.

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11.10.2017 Skolkovo VCs and government back new drug to fight tuberculosis

A private-public consortium of Russian investors has supported the development of a new drug to fight an advanced form of tuberculosis that shows resistance to multiple therapies.

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06.10.2017 Money-in-hands New funds support start-ups with global ambitions

Skolkovo Ventures, a group of three new investment funds launched in June by the Skolkovo Foundation to focus on IT, industrial technology, and biotech, will support start-ups with global ambitions.

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04.10.2017 Zhiguli-Valley The service of remote payment for housing utilities is developed in the Volga region

The project The electronic communication and financial service AiZhKh.RF is realized by AyZhKhH, LLC with the support of the technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli valley.

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03.10.2017 Growth Russia rises in latest global competitiveness report

Russia rose five spots to #38 out of 137 countries in the latest edition of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Competitiveness Index, with its score increasing to 4.64 from 4.51 in last year’s report, the US-Russia Business Council reported, citing the source.

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28.09.2017 Innovators Russia’s SME products lack innovativeness, global entrepreneurship report found

The overall entrepreneurial activity in Russia reached a record high of 11.3% in 2017, the US-Russia Business Council reported, citing the new Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2016/17, which is produced by several global economic schools including Babson College and the London Business School.

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25.09.2017 Slush Two Skolkovo startups in top 10 at Slush Singapore

Two resident startups of the Skolkovo Foundation’s IT cluster were among the top 10 companies at Slush Singapore this week, as selected by a jury of investors.

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22.09.2017 17-09-22 Facial exo-prosthetic technology developed in Russia

Ruselectronics, a large state-owned electronics maker, has unveiled its pioneering technology that helps recover parts of the human face lost to traumas or oral and maxillofacial surgeries, or missing at birth already.

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20.09.2017 100dollarbill New VC fund launched to back big data and IoT

The management of GVA LaunchGurus Fund 1, L.P, a Russian-led VC fund, has recently launched Viaduct Ventures Fund 1.

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