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23.09.2016 Ankudinovka Nizhny Novgorod offer comprehensive internet marketing abroad

The project of ErTop Digital company is implemented on the base of the Nizhny Novgorod Technopark Ankudinovka.

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22.09.2016 Sarov-technopark Sarov engineers offer gas stations with precision filling for the domestic market

The Potok MKM project is implemented by MKM, Ltd. on the territory of Technopark Sarov.

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21.09.2016 yandex Yandex eyes global car market

Yandex is following Google’s example and intends to enter the international car market.

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20.09.2016 IASP Moscow prepares to host science parks from around world for 4-day IASP conference

The annual International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) conference will be held in Russia for the first time next week, and it will be bigger than it’s ever been.

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16.09.2016 Strizh Internet of Things network rolled out across Skolkovo innovation centre

The whole of the territory of the Skolkovo innovation centre is now covered by a wireless Internet of Things (IoT) network set up by STRIZH Telematika, a resident startup of the Skolkovo Foundation’s space and telecoms cluster.

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15.09.2016 Money-in-hands Private and government players team up to back high tech

AFK Sistema, a large publicly traded Russian holding company, and Rusnano, this country’s largest state-owned nanotech firm, are launching a joint fund to support high technology projects, Rusnano announced.

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14.09.2016 Sarov-technopark Egineers in Sarov found a solution to the problem of power supply facilities that require remote power supply

The project is implemented by NTC TOP-TECHNO on a territory of Technopark Sarov.

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13.09.2016 Laptop Skoltech scientist uses computer modelling to look inside Uranus and Neptune

A team of scientists led by Artem Oganov, a professor at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), has used computer modelling to describe what materials make up the interiors of Uranus and Neptune, as well as their icy satellites.

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09.09.2016 Kamaz KamAZ to start churning out “smart trucks” next year

KamAZ, Russia’s largest truck manufacturer based in Tatarstan, has slated for next year the launch of its production project to make trucks, dump trucks, crawler vehicles and buses equipped with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System).

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08.09.2016 Sarov-technopark A plasma arc equipment to treat wounds is developed in Sarov

The project was named Plazmoran and the project company created for its implementation is Plazmoprom.

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07.09.2016 Roselectronica Driverless combine to harvest crops in Russia?

Ruselectronics, Russia’s largest umbrella company for medium-sized and big tech developers, has unveiled its $3.5m autonomous driving project for agriculture.

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06.09.2016 vocord Vocord face recognition algorithm named best in world

The face recognition algorithm of Vocord, a resident company of the Skolkovo Foundation’s IT cluster, has been named the world’s most effective in its category, beating competitors including Google.

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05.09.2016 Skolkovo Skoltech to develop neural network for retailers

The development of an image recognition system to take stock of goods in supermarkets is underway in Russia.

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02.09.2016 Growth Russia rises in global innovations ranking

Russia ranked 48th in the 2016 Global Innovation Index (GII), just ahead of Chile and Costa Rica and immediately after the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

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01.09.2016 V light Most users of the consider the role of venture capital in the commercialization of Russian startups minor

How important is the presence of venture capital in the stock market of the country for the success of Russian start-ups?

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31.08.2016 Sarov-technopark Sarov developes ohmmeter and microohmmeter with improved metrological performance

The innovative project Ohmmeter is realized on the territory of Technopark Sarov.

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30.08.2016 ComfortWay ComfortWay launches SIM card providing cheap mobile internet around the world

Skolkovo resident startup ComfortWay has launched sales of a SIM card that allows travellers to make use of the best local mobile internet deal available, wherever they might be.

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25.08.2016 Zhiguli-valley Samara innovators are going to bring to market an industrial cutting tool that is unparalleled

The project is implemented by Research and Production Company Tehinstrum with the support of Technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli Valley.

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23.08.2016 Sarov-technopark Sarov engineers offer a new composite material that improves the properties of bearings

The project was named Nanocomposite and is being implemented on the territory of Technopark Sarov.

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Yuri Smorodov, Director of NGO International Innovation Agency (IIA, Nizhny Novgorod) shares his impressions of his trip to China.

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What are the causes of frequent publications in the media about the successful implementation of Russian innovations?


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