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25.08.2016 Zhiguli-valley Samara innovators are going to bring to market an industrial cutting tool that is unparalleled

The project is implemented by Research and Production Company Tehinstrum with the support of Technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli Valley.

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23.08.2016 Sarov-technopark Sarov engineers offer a new composite material that improves the properties of bearings

The project was named Nanocomposite and is being implemented on the territory of Technopark Sarov.

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19.08.2016 Healthcare Moscow mayor buries time capsule at Skolkovo’s international medical cluster

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin visited the Skolkovo innovation centre on Monday to bury a time capsule and lay the cornerstone of the first building in an international medical cluster.

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16.08.2016 Sarov-technopark Sarov startupers develop a new approach to automated rapid diagnosis of endogenous intoxication

The project, dubbed Morfo, is implemented with the support of Technopapark Sarov.

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12.08.2016 softline Russia’s Softline secures $40 million from Da Vinci Capital, intends to acquire “over 20 companies” in emerging markets

Two funds managed by Da Vinci Capital Management — Da Vinci Private Equity Fund II L.P. and Da Vinci Pre-IPO — have invested in Softline, a Moscow-based international software licensor and IT service provider.

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11.08.2016 Russian developers offer new methods to thwart cancer

Two Russian tech developers, in Moscow and in Siberia’s Novosibirsk, have independently come up with their own proprietary new solutions to diagnose and treat cancer, reported.

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10.08.2016 Zhiguli-valley Samara innovators offer a new generation of air-conditioners

The project is implemented by Oil and Gas Engineering Center with the support of the Technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli Valley.

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09.08.2016 Skolkovo New Russian drone technology is a real kicker

At the end of July, during the SIGGRAPH 2016 Forum in California, students from the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) presented a new system for human interaction with drones.

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08.08.2016 Laptop-and-cofee Russian developer of web apps security solutions goes to Silicon Valley

Wallarm, a Russian developer of web apps security solutions, has been selected to join California-based Y Combinator and is getting $120K in investment from the global business incubator to put together its expansion in the American market.

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05.08.2016 Generation S Over 1000 projects queue up for GenerationS

Over 1000 start-ups from all over Russia have entered GenerationS contest, a federal accelerator of technology start-ups, organized by RVC.

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04.08.2016 3D-BIO Skolkovo resident to print 3D organs on board ISS amid radiation exposure fears

3D Bioprinting Solutions, a resident company of the Skolkovo Foundation thatmade headlines last year when it printed the world’s first functional thyroid construct for a mouse, is to make a 3D bioprinter for printing tissue and organ constructs on board the International Space Station by 2018.

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03.08.2016 Sarov-technopark Technology of laser gas analysis to be develop in Sarov

The project belongs to MetaKS company and has support of Technopark Sarov.

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02.08.2016 innoprom 5 Russian tech innovations to look out for

The city of Ekaterinburg (880 miles east of Moscow) held Innoprom, an international exhibition that gathered together technology entrepreneurs and state officials from 95 countries.

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01.08.2016 Boomstarter Engineer with disability makes arm prosthesis everybody could afford

Maksim Lyashko, a Siberian engineer, has developed a robotized prosthetic arm which is ten-to-a hundred times less expensive than the imported competition.

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29.07.2016 Innovators Russian browser to brace your immune system

Researchers at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry in Moscow have developed a multifunctional browser, designated VDJviz, to process big data derived from modern DNA sequence analysis.

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28.07.2016 Яндекс Yandex.Money introduces payments in live chats and on users’ wrist

Yandex.Money, a leading Russian e-wallet with about 25 million user accounts, has made its app available on the Apple Watch.

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27.07.2016 Super-computer New Russian solution: “step closer to developing a real quantum computer”

Russian scientists have come up with a method that appears to make the development of a multipurpose quantum computer much easier.

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26.07.2016 Sarov-technopark Sarov technopark offeres a solution to restore fitness without the use of drugs that can get into the list of WADA

The project entitled Magnetic Therapy is being implemented by a team consisting of leading specialists of Sarov Federal Nuclear Center in the biomedical field, with the support of Technopark Sarov.

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25.07.2016 Zhiguli-valley Samara innovators have developed terminals for cashing funds popular payment systems

The project belongs to V puti, Ltd with the support of technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli Valley.

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Yuri Smorodov, Director of NGO International Innovation Agency (IIA, Nizhny Novgorod) shares his impressions of his trip to China.

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How important is the presence of venture capital in the stock market of the country for the success of Russian start-ups?


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