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20.02.2018 Luxemburg Skolkovo signs agreement with forward-looking Luxembourg

The Skolkovo Foundation signed a cooperation agreement on Wednesday with Luxinnovation, the national agency for innovation and research of Luxembourg.

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16.02.2018 AURA With new smart wristband, you know your body

A Russian start-up called AURA Devices is developing smart wristbands to gauge the wearer’s weight and other parameters.

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13.02.2018 Diagnostics Start-up pushes for artificial intelligence to support medical diagnostics

TeleMD, a Russian start-up, is developing a software platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) for cancer diagnostics and prognostication.

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09.02.2018 Russian startup tour Winners of Startup Tour competition announced in Perm

A medical training simulator, high-temperature 3D printer and automated geological prospecting system won their respective inventors tickets to Skolkovo’s Startup Village at the final of the Startup Tour in Perm on Wednesday.

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05.02.2018 Diagnostics Russia backs medical IT developers

Russia’s Advanced Research Fund (ARF) has been boosting support for developers of IT projects to be used in medicine.

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31.01.2018 RosAtom_logo Russia’s nuclear giant to launch venture fund

Rosatom, the national nuclear energy corporation, is launching its own venture fund later this year.

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22.01.2018 Samara-national-research-univercity New technology developed to improve eyesight recuperation

A collaborative team of researchers in the Lower Volga area, comprising scientists from the Samara University and medical practitioners from the local Research Institute for Eye Diseases, has developed a new method of preventing postsurgical complications in ophthalmology patients.

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19.01.2018 SNG CIS countries to cooperate with Skolkovo on energy-saving technologies

Representatives of the Commonwealth of Independent States, a confederation of former Soviet republics, visited the Skolkovo innovation centre on Wednesday, where they discussed cooperation in the fields of renewable energy and energy-saving technologies.

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17.01.2018 Growth Private capital will drive new stage of VC market development, experts think

Russian experts are discussing strategies for the development of the domestic venture market.

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16.01.2018 yandex Yandex top trending search topics in 2017

Every year Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia, provides results to over 250 million user queries.

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12.01.2018 Growth Skolkovo in 2017: the year in figures

As 2017 draws to a close, the number of resident startups fostered by the Skolkovo Foundation has grown to 1,804.

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10.01.2018 China Chinese eye investment in Russian science

Tus-Holdings, a Chinese company, has unveiled plans to set up a $1bn venture fund in Russia to finance joint research projects.

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09.01.2018 Laptop-and-cofee Russians are more likely to believe in the success of domestic technology

This is evidenced by the results of a survey of opinion of our readers, conducted on our website.

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29.12.2017 New-Year Happy New Year to you, dear readers!

There is every reason to believe that 2018 will be a year of growth and new prospects. Success and prosperity to you in the New Year, new ideas and successful projects! We’ll see you after the Orthodox Christmas holidays.

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28.12.2017 Growth Skolkovo in 2017: the year in figures

As 2017 draws to a close, the number of resident startups fostered by the Skolkovo Foundation has grown to 1,804.

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19.12.2017 Sberbank Sberbank opens Russia’s biggest data-processing centre at Skolkovo

Russia’s state banking giant Sberbank opened the country’s biggest data-processing centre at the Skolkovo innovation centre over the weekend.

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12.12.2017 MYP Skolkovo Gymnasium gets International Baccalaureate authorization

Skolkovo International Gymnasium has successfully completed the International Baccalaureate authorization process for its Middle Years Programme (MYP) for pupils aged 11-16.

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04.12.2017 FRII Government supports IT solution for builders

Sinteka, a St. Petersburg based developer of a cloud solution for construction companies, has recently raised $254,000 from one of Russia’s most active government VC funds, the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF, aka FRII in Russian).

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30.11.2017 Alisa Russia’s AI market may grow 40 times within three years, analysts believe

The Russian market for artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions is expected to skyrocket from a modest $12m this year to an estimated $475m by 2020 already.

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29.11.2017 Growth Venture Russia: moneys up, early-stage investment up, ICO hype continues

RB Partners Group, an international group of companies focusing on investment and banking services for Russian and international midcap companies, prepared and published its venture market report for 1H 2017.

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