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3D printer for building houses, fintech app win prizes at Startup of the Year awards

Home » News Archive » 3D printer for building houses, fintech app win prizes at Startup of the Year awards

Skolkovo startups won two out of four categories at the Startup of the Year awards at Moscow’s Digital October centre on Wednesday.

Koshelek (CardsMobile), an app that allows users to compile all their bank, transport and discount cards into one electronic wallet, won the best fintech startup award, while Apis Cor, a mobile 3D printer that can print entire buildings in 24 hours, won the best hardware startup category in the awards organised by the Higher School of Economics, a research university in Moscow.

 Koshelek (CardsMobile) COO Filipp Shubin (left) receiving the award for best fintech startup. Photo:

“We have been the first in the world or first in the fintech world to do a lot of things over many years, and now we’re beginning to work on a new scale and see commercial results,” Filipp Shubin, COO of Koshelek, told following the awards. He said the company, a resident of Skolkovo’s IT cluster, has huge plans for this year, including entering its first international markets in the former Soviet Union and one or two countries in Western Europe.

All three finalists in the fintech category were Skolkovo residents: the other two were Oz Forensics, which makes software for the remote identification of people and automatic recognition and verification of scanned documents and photos, and SCORISTA, a smart system for assessing the credit rating of borrowers. SCORISTA won a separate award from Microsoft, which presented the company with a BizSpark cloud grant worth $120,000.

Pavel Novikov, head of cloud and fintech within Skolkovo’s IT cluster, said the fact that all three fintech finalists were Skolkovo residents was evidence that the foundation’s system of selecting and mentoring its startups is effective. He noted that all three of the finalists at Finnopolis innovative financial technologies forum in Kazan last October were also Skolkovo residents.

“For startups, any visibility is an asset,” Novikov told, commenting on the victories at Startup of the Year. “It’s brand recognition, especially for B2C companies. For consumers, it’s very important; it’s a stamp of quality for the company’s product and inspires trust.”

Skolkovo’s IT cluster is home to about 25 fintech startups, said Novikov.

Apis Cor recently became a resident of Skolkovo’s energy cluster. The innovative company was recently featured on the New Atlas tech news site after it printed a house in just 24 hours.

Skolkovo startups were also successful at last year’s Startup of the Year awards, where virtual reality headset maker Fibrum and Hudway Glass, a system that makes driving in poor visibility safer by projecting the route onto the vehicle’s windshield, took home awards.

Source: Skolkovo

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