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А high-tech markets in South-East Asia: New perspectives of development

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On the invitation of Scientific-Production Association Erkon, JSC, at February, 4th 2015, the company was visited by the Mr Teo Seng Lee, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Malaysia.


A negotiation with the foreign guest took part the head of JSC «Topol» Tatiana Kalinina and General Director of JSC «NPO» Erkon» Sergei Simakov.

The election of Honorary Consul of Malaysia to visit the Nizhny Novgorod company was not accidental for several reasons. And here it should be noted that to date work the experience of Theo Seng Lee was mainly associated with the activities on the development of educational ties between Russia and Malaysia. In particular, under his leadership, there is an organization «Russian Resources» operates in Malaysia, which dedicated to the involvement of Malaysian students in higher educational institutions of Russia. The organization has established contacts with a number of leading national universities from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg. By the way, In the nearest plans of the honorary consul — is an extension activities in the ASEAN countries, primarily in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

Another important point was the fact that Teo Seng Lee had very little practical experience in presentation interests of Russian companies in Malaysia. In this a «guilt», first of all, of our domestic manufacturers, which are poorly interested in the development of a dynamic Malaysian market. Therefore, for Theo Seng Lee its extremely important that his initial experience in the promotion of the Russian company has been associated with exactly one of the leading enterprises of the electronics industry.

Teo Seng Lee is confident that the Nizhny Novgorod region, as one of the industrial and scientific centers of the Russian Federation could be an important economic partner for Malaysia, which, in turn, is interested in the development of high-tech industries. According to the honorary consul, the Russian region has managed to maintain a high potential that allows to represent the global market competitive products.

In its turn Malaysia is one of the world leaders in the design, production and export of various electronic products. Low cost of production due to cheap labor and high productivity provide further dynamic development of the industry. However, lack of scientific basis, the deficit breakthrough technologies orient Malaysia to search for partners abroad. As a consequence, Teo Seng Lee stressed his country’s interest about creating on their territory on mutually beneficial terms of production on Russian technologies in the form of joint ventures with local partners.

According to Teo Seng Lee, an example of good governance «NGOs Erkon» demonstrates how in adverse economic conditions in the whole country its possible not only to lose opportunities to a single enterprise, but also to strengthen its position.

Significant mutual interest the interlocutors also caused the theme targeted training of specialists of «NGOs Erkon» on the basis of higher education institutions in Malaysia. Not a secret that our universities, comparing favorably to many foreign universities level of classical training, are not yet able to develop a proper degree of applied disciplines. As a result, a young graduate, getting on a real production, is forced to start from the basics of practical development of a specific area of activity. In the case of Malaysia, the implementation of additional training of our young professionals would effectively apply their skills to work in high-tech equipment already in Russia, or rather, in JSC «NGOs Erkon.»

In this regard, Theo Seng Lee confirmed his authority to educational institutions of Malaysia, the willingness to organize by the proposals of the «NPO» Erkon» management an interaction of Malaysian universities with universities in Nizhny Novgorod.

At the end of the visit Theo Seng Lee visited recently launched at the Nizhny Novgorod enterprise a new production line for mass production of chip inductors. Supply of equipment fitted with the latest software and so far has no analogues in the Russian Federation, it was made possible thanks to the active study of the specialists of «NPO» Erkon «potential electronics industry in Malaysia.

It is noteworthy that the development of a new line not only cemented the Nizhny Novgorod enterprise its tacit recognition of one of the flagships of the domestic electronic industry, but also brought the Nizhny Novgorod association on the level of real competitiveness of European and world leaders in this field. As acknowledged by the management of JSC «NPO» Erkon «, it becomes especially important in today’s environment where most Russian companies were in a search of so-called» import substitution trends. «In the case of the Nizhny Novgorod association, in contrast to a similar number of «passive» strategy guide «Erkon» thinks, we can say «a step forward».

Following the visit, Teo Seng Lee voiced specific directions and prospects of cooperation with JSC «NPO» Erkon «in the near future, and confirmed a strong interest in direct participation in its development.



JSC «NPO» Erkon «, included in the structure of JSC» Topol «is the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of resistors, successfully developed prototype and mass production. Among consumer of products of JSC «NPO» Erkon «of more than 2000 enterprises producing devices and measuring instruments for the energy sector, the automotive and aviation, as well as other electronic enterprise profile. Geography of orders covers almost all regions of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, European and Asian countries.

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