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Innovative projects, fulfiled on the territory of the Volga Federal District (according to version – 2010)

Home » Start-ups » Data Bases on Innovation Projects » Innovative projects, fulfiled on the territory of the Volga Federal District (according to version – 2010)
Enterprise City Project Application Description Contact person Contacts
“Ultra-Vut” N. Novgorod Ultradisperse water-coal fuel Energetics Developed formulation and optimized production technologyof a new kind of coal-water fuel — «Micro-VUT» with the dispersion of the coal phase of less than ~ 10 microns and an ash content ~ 1.5%  Vladimir Andreevich Varukhin,author and co-author of the projects +7 (831) 465-7407

“Flok — Karbon” N. Novgorod Development of a new class of flocculants on the basis of water-soluble (met) acrylic copolymers  Ecology Developed a new class of flocculants on the basis of water-soluble (met) acrylic copolymers for treatment of the industrial effluents  
“Izurem” N. Novgorod Creating urethane compositions for non-flammable, foam- thermal insulation material  Construction Received fireproof DHI —  materials with satisfactory heat and sound insulating properties   
“Sphera M” N. Novgorod New composite materials on the  base of metalized and modified ash microspheres  Construction Developed new formulation  of composite materials based on modified and metallized ash microspheres and investigated its mechanical properties   
Institute of Metaloorganic Chemistry of the RAS N. Novgorod Protection against high temperature corrosion of iron alloys during  thermal treatment  Metalworking Developed a  new method for protecting iron-carbon alloys directly in the process of heat treatment from scaling, burning out of carbon and alloying components of alloys   
“” N. Novgorod Dynamic Data Site Platform Internet Platform for self-creating advanced websites by  users  Andrew Yarcev, co-founder  +7 (831)  243-5684

















Sarov Information kiosk IT Information terminals with touch sensitive screens in office building lobbies The device can perform a large number of functions: receiving all necessary information about the companies whose offices are located in the building, video conference with office managers, printing documents blanks, and many others. Alekseev Sergei Vladimirovich ,

+7 (831) 303-7002


“SISTEMA” Sarov Comandor — E Theater and Show-business The  remote control device for  lighting theatrical stage  Shegolihina Olga Mikhailovna,  vice director for International relashionship

+7 (831-30) 664-60
+7  (831-30) 698-99



Volga State Academy of Water Transport N. Novgorod 

               Line of fuel preparation for diesel engines


Energetics The line allows manufacturers to increase the energy efficiency of diesel engines due to the improved performance of the consumed fuel. Molochnaya Tatyana Vasilevna, manager of the Russian office of technology transfer

+7 (831) 419-7764



Stations for treatment waste and oily water Ecology Integrated processing of waste and oily water, with the  following burning of   the obtained oil products  in the boilers and the use of recycled water for technical needs 
Mobile stations for processing  wastes into  energy Energetics  Stations are intended for processing sewage, oily water, dry garbage and food wastes and  generation of heat and electrical energy
 The liquid contact and ozone-based air conditioners Household electric appliance improve the quality of processed air while reducing energy consumption, as well as increasing the level of recycling up to 70%
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Подконтрольная Алексею Мордашову «Северсталь» вложила в первый раунд нидерландского фонда Chrysalix RoboValley, который инвестирует в искусственный интеллект (ИИ), автоматизированные системы и робототехнику.

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Фонд перспективных исследований (ФПИ) вот уже несколько месяцев активно работает над IT-проектами в области медицины.

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Sberbank CIB, корпоративно-инвестиционный бизнес Сбербанка, планирует создать первый в России посевной фонд для инвестиций в подготовку инфраструктурных проектов.

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