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Residents of Business Incubator, “Sarov” Technopark — version of 2012

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Residents of  Business Incubator, “Sarov” Technopark   — version of 2012

 To support  small innovative business and with the aim  to lack  legal entities of the 4th level   has been developed a scheme with options to purchase shares in 4 companies. In these enterprises on the base of the option can be redeemed a share (50%), if  the enterprises  create an interesting product for  “Systema”, and the purchase is performed by initial nominal value — 5 thousand rubles.




State of work


1 LLC “NKTB-IOM” (date of settlement: 01.07.2008, for redemption 51%, deadline May 2011). Project “Development and product organization of energy-saving contacts of impulsive action techniques” Market segment: non-ferrous metal industry, municipal power supply enterprises, transport enterprises. The planned market volume: <100 mln. rubles. The planned share~20%

Partners: SC “REONTECHNO”, Cheboksary, JSC “South Ural fitting – insulation factory”, Uzhnouralsk, etс.

The 1 stage is completed: “Development of production technology of electric-circuits of energy – saving elements”. The 2 stage: “The development of experimental industrial production of energy -saving contacts workpieces”, company certification by ISO 9001:2000”.

The planned project’s activities: the 3 stage “Working on industrial technology production, organization of mass production” — 1 year

Claim for invention “Layered electrical contact”
2 LLC “Ecotechnologies” (date of settlement: 15.07.2008, for redumption 51%, deadline June 2011). Project “Production of technological complexes on natural biomass processing for alternative fuel” Market segment: timber industry, coal-fired boiler houses. The planned market volume: 600 mln. rub. only in the  N. Novgorod region The planned share ~10% 1-3 substeps of the first stage are completed. “The introduction of fuel briquettes from natural biomass as alternative fuel in existing boilers.” The planned projects events: 4-5 substeps of the 1 stage: manufacture of 3 experimental lines and testing with with further development – 1 year.

The 2 stage: “Organization of technological complexes production” – 1 year

The 3 stage: “Development of several industrial units modifications” – 6 months

The first experimental line was launched. The certification was done. The technology of biomass collection and processing into briquettes in the N.Novgorod region was developed. The boilers in Ardatov and Vyksa districts of the Novgorod region which may be transfered into fuel briquette from biomass, were explored. The tests of fuel briquettes were done. The frying equipment, a truck and 2 semi-trailers were purchased.

A certificate for mobile unit is now in processing.

3 LLC “Technoinvest project” (01.07.2008, for redumption 51%, dead line June 2011) Project «Development of environmentally friendly cell burners» Market segments: food industry, fast food (drying, heating), operating and road services, construction companies (drying during construction and finishing works), miniboilers (autonomous heating supply), tourist companies, housing and utilities services.

Market volume: 1 bln.rubles. The planned share -5%. Partners: LLC “RECON”, Nizhny Novgorod

The first and the second stages of R&D are completed. “Development and testing of a gas infrared burner layout”, “Development and testing of a gas infrared burner test sample”. The planned project’s events: the third stage “Development of a gas infrared burner industrial model. Development of the serial manufacturing” — 1 year The patents for inventions have been already received: “Radiation burner” and “Method for parts manufacture made of materials with disordered structure and a mold for its implementation”.
4 LLC “Noninvasive technology center (17.07.2008 for redumption 25%, dead line May 2011). Project: “Development of glycemia monitoring device for patients with diabetes” Market segment: population (with diabetes), medical centers. The planned volume for Russian market ~ 3,75 bln.rubles. The planned share – 1 %. Partners: N. Novgorod diabetes association The first stage is completed “Development, production and testing of test sample” The planned project’s events: the second stage “Development, production and testing of experimental industrial batch” — 1 year

the third stage “Development of serial manufacture, medicine device certification” — 1 year

Patent for “Method for noninvasive measurement of glucose concentration”,  patent “Device for noninvasive measurement of glucose concentration”.

Investment attraction procedures from non-budget sources (VTB “Asset management ”, “Start Invest”) are in progress.



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