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Head of Russian oil refining startup named one of world’s 5 most promising engineers

Home » News Archive » Head of Russian oil refining startup named one of world’s 5 most promising engineers

The founder and director of Skolkovo resident startup RRT Global, a developer of oil refining technology, has been included in a list of the world’s top five most promising engineers by Hydrocarbon Processing magazine.

Oleg Giyazov was included in nominations for the Most Promising Engineer, “to be presented to an engineer who has been making a significant impact and contribution since starting their career, be this on a specific project or by demonstrating overall innovative thinking that the management team would like to officially recognize,” according to the awards’ organisers.

 Oleg Giyazov, founder and director of Skolkovo energy startup RRT Global. Photo:

The winners will be announced at the Hydrocarbon Processing Awards ceremony on June 7 in Vienna, Austria.

The St. Petersburg-based RRT Global, a resident of Skolkovo’s energy cluster,conducts research into catalysts and develops and designs refining processes.

“With enviable frequency, Oleg Giyazov and his team at RRT give us reason to be proud that world-class hi-tech businesses are being created in Russia and at Skolkovo,” said Marat Zaydullin, head of the oil and gas centre within Skolkovo’s energy cluster.

“In what is a very short timeframe for the oil-processing industry, RRT has been able to develop two unique oil-processing technologies, one of which is already being introduced at an international level with support from the industry’s leading engineering company, KBR,” he said.

“Recently, the company presented its technology for the continuous optimization of production, which was developed together with [Russian internet giant] Yandex: a breakthrough solution at the juncture between RRT’s engineering experience and Yandex’s work in the field of machine learning. So I think Oleg’s nomination for the award of the world’s most promising engineer in this industry is more than deserved,” said Zaydullin.

Source: Skolkovo

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