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I noticed an interesting trend …

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Alexander Blagov, the editor of, traditionally summarizes the results of the past year …

Russians are beginning to gradually believe in their country and in the possibilities of domestic technologies.

This can be seen from the many features. Articles, television and radio broadcasts, press publications and social networking discussions testify: we are seeing a shift in the public consciousness in favor of the statement that was recently impossible, that «we are not worse.»

Let’s not analyze now, what to this fault, «successes» of the corporations headed by Ilon Mask or indicators of Russian defense industry. Let’s focus on the process of emerging changes in the way Russians think. And the results of the last poll of the readers’ opinion held on our website also testify to this process. Let me quote from a self-published newsletter:

«If earlier our English-speaking users showed much more optimism in comparison with Russian-speaking readers about the prospects for the development of high technologies in Russia, this time the roles have changed radically. Just take a look…

To the question: «Will the recent creation of several autonomous OS in the Russian Federation influence the growth of the domestic IT sector?» — traditionally skeptical Russian-speaking users gave a less pessimistic response than the English-speaking respondents. «No» was answered by 75% of Russian-speaking survey participants and 100% of English-speaking respondents.

The share of optimists among Russian-speaking visitors is 20%. «

It’s a little while. But it is more, much more than it was before.

And this, perhaps, is the most important, in our opinion, the result of the past year.

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Do you think that a major breakthrough of Russian technologies in one of the areas of the World economy is possible?

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