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Chuvash Republic

ЧувашияAmong the regions of the Volga Federal District, the growth rate of investment took the 2nd place in fixed capital of the Chuvash Republic , and among the subjects of the Russian Federation — the 10th place.

In 2011, the rating agency Moody’s Investors Service has assigned a rating of the issuer of the Chuvash Republic on the international ( global ) scale in foreign currency Ba2 . Credit rating on the national scale was confirmed at Aa2.ru

The industrial complex is the leading part of the economy of the Chuvash Republic , it includes manufacturing ( engineering industry , chemical industry , food processing, garment manufacturing ), agriculture and mining.

The competitive advantages of the socio- economic development of the Chuvash Republic are:

  • favorable geographical position;
  • developed construction industry;
  • availability of high-tech industries in a number of industrial enterprises;
  • Modern telecommunications and communications , accelerated computerization in all spheres of life of the population.

The main strategic priority of the Chuvash Republic until 2020 is an innovative development of the economy , which has the potential of dynamic growth , diversified production, a significant export and import substitution potential, orientation toward social responsibility and quality of life of the population.

Share of organizations realizing innovation activities is 15.7% of the total number of enterprises. In the total volume of products shipped, the share of innovative products is 8.9 percent.

Carried out strategic cooperation with JSC «RUSNANO», with whom signed a Joint Action Plan to stimulate demand for innovative production, including nanotechnology in the Chuvash Republic.

Currently, is setting up a special economic zone of technical type in Novocheboxarsk for development of high-tech industries (nanotechnology, solar energy, information technology, fine chemicals, etc.), creation of new jobs and growth potential of the tax in the Chuvash Republic.

Innovative projects will be the production base area. The basic construction of a plant is the production of solar modules with the use of nanotechnology.

In the Chuvash Republic is planning the creation of the production of mass issue of freight cars with improved technical and operational characteristics.


Address of administration: 428004, Cheboksary, Presidential Boulevard, 10

Phones: +7 (8352) 62-46-87, 62-08-81, 62-34-53, 39-34-58

Official site: gov.cap.ru

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