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The Republic of Tatarstan

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Tatarstan The leading sectors of the economy of the Republic of Tatarstan are oil and gas chemical complex, mechanical engineering, power engineering, aircraft and instrument engineering, and agriculture.

The competitive advantages of the socio- economic development of the Republic of Tatarstan are:

  • favorable geographical location — in the center of the East European part of Russia at the confluence of the major rivers of the Volga and Kama rivers in Europe;
  • significant reserves of mineral resources;
  • differentiated structure of the economy;
  • high industrial potential;
  • the fuel and energy complex;
  • developed transportation and logistics infrastructure;
  • unique research and education center;
  • availability of recreation resources ( nature reserves , wildlife sanctuaries).

The main strategic priorities of the Republic of Tatarstan are:

  • diversification of the economy;
  • international competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the key sectors of the economy;
  • stimulate non-oil exports of goods manufactured in the Republic;
  • the creation of knowledge-intensive high-tech industries;
  • the use of modern information and communication technologies in all sectors of the economy;
  • development of transport and logistics infrastructure;
  • the development of innovation and educational infrastructure;
  • further development of small and medium-sized businesses.

In the city of Nizhnekamsk envisages the construction of a refinery plant with the production of aromatics, also the plant for deep processing of oil in the hydrocracker and the complex processing heavy residues, petrochemical plant on production of aromatic hydrocarbons and other industries.

As part of the development of oil and gas complex in the Republic of Tatarstan was carried out the project of a plant producing ammonia, methanol, urea and ammonium nitrate on the basis of current production in Mendeleevsk. The project is expected to be realized with the use of the world’s best technology and modern Japanese equipment.

Planned to set up the plant with the issue up to 500 thousand cars a year in the special economic zone «Alabuga».

One of the priority projects in the field of agriculture will be a project for the reconstruction of poultry farms in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny.

The largest social projects implemented in the Republic of Tatarstan, is the development of the underground in the city of Kazan.

Address of administration: 420060 , Kazan Square. Liberty , 1

Phones: +7 (843) 264-77-01 , 264-77-02

Official site:

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Подконтрольная Алексею Мордашову «Северсталь» вложила в первый раунд нидерландского фонда Chrysalix RoboValley, который инвестирует в искусственный интеллект (ИИ), автоматизированные системы и робототехнику.

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Фонд перспективных исследований (ФПИ) вот уже несколько месяцев активно работает над IT-проектами в области медицины.

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Sberbank CIB, корпоративно-инвестиционный бизнес Сбербанка, планирует создать первый в России посевной фонд для инвестиций в подготовку инфраструктурных проектов.

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