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Russian business “listless” in funding R&D, study found

Home » News Archive » Russian business “listless” in funding R&D, study found

Scientists at Russia’s Higher School of Economics (HSE) conducted in-depth research covering a period between 2000 and 2016, and found that government coffers remain the largest source of funding for R&D in Russia, while the share of involvement from private business is shrinking.

Little has changed over the past 16 years, reported, citing a source at HSE.

In 2016, domestic R&D funding was estimated at about $15.7bn; the lion’s share (about $11bn) came from the government. Government funds accounted for 68.2% last year, up 13.4% from 2000 statistics. A federal vs. regional government contribution ratio grew even more vigorously: 53.7% came in 2016 from Moscow (it was 38.6% in 2000).

The entrepreneurial sector, however, was found to be listless in funding science. Between 2000 and 2016 the share of private business as a source of support for fundamental science and R&D efforts shrank from 32.9% to 28.1% (about $4.4bn).

In most developed and fast-developing foreign countries it’s private business that drives support of R&D. For example, in the U.S. it accounts for 64.2% of domestic spending on R&D; in Germany 65.6%; in South Korea 74.5%; in China 74.7%; and in Japan a hefty 78%.

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