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Russian technological leadership: it exists

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Alexander Blagov, the Editor,, sums up 2016

In the past year, which was full of disturbing events, yet there is one thing that is able to inspire.

Apart from the obvious problems in the Russian economy is directly related to Western sanctions and the fall in energy prices, we have a chance to see what it looks like in reality Russian technology leadership.

The fact is that in 2015 aggravated the geopolitical situation has forced the Russian leadership used to demonstrate the achievements of the domestic defense industry. Almost every week there are reports in the media about this or that military innovation, created in Russia. New weapons are so many embedded technologies are so beyond our traditional ideas and their effectiveness on the battlefield so no doubt that sometimes the mind refuses to believe in what is happening.

This fact was unexpected not only for «our foreign partners,» as Putin calls them, but also for the Russians, and the time really realize it almost was not. Therefore it is natural that the first reaction to the incident became puzzled questions: how, who, where, when? Nobody even remotely knew nothing, and in the media was only information about unsuccessful launches «Bulava» and problems with the operation of GLONASS. Obviously, complete and detailed answers to these questions, we, for some reason, hardly ever hear, and we can only assume that because no one and did not know what was in the media is that information.

But I particularly would like to draw attention to another point, breaking stereotypes of us learned about the nature and character of the commercialization of innovations, or rather, that of the components of this process, as market relations, defining the role of private capital and technology initiative from below. In the Russian example, we see the victory of the principles diametrically opposed to these: the planned nature of the economy within the same industry, public investment and the initiative from the top.

Of all the arguments against what is happening more or less serious looks promise that the technology leadership in the same industry, and in this here, however ambiguous, can not be regarded as complete. This would, they say, the energy, but in a peaceful course.

Well, why not? Why not peace? Is someone against? After all, the concept of «defense technology» is very broad, and the conversion of its classic sense, excluding pans release at military facilities, no one has yet been canceled. Although much more interesting: it is an opportunity to transfer the experience of management — such as unexpected and unconventional — to other sectors of the Russian economy.

In the meantime, we have what we have — technological leadership in the defense industry, bearing in mind the two theses:

1)      No one is never at the same time a leader in all areas of modern high technologies,

2)      It is the Russian leadership guarantees its national sovereignty, and in our time it is, you will agree, a lot.

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