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Samsung to open AI center in Moscow

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Korea’s Samsung Electronics has unveiled plans to open a Center for Artificial Intelligence in Moscow, Nanonewsnet reported

The Koreans want to establish a stronger global presence in the field of AI, using vast knowledge in Russia and some other countries in mathematics, physics and other fundamental sciences.

Renowned experts in this area will be running research into AI algorithms in Moscow, including Prof. Dmitry Vetrov of the Higher School of Economics and Prof. Viktor Lempitsky of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech).

Samsung will focus on five key cornerstones in its further AI research. The electronics giant wants to develop (a) AI which is user-centered through multimodal interface based personalization; (b) constantly self-learning AI, using ongoing data processing; (c) AI which is accessible 24/7 as part of the user environment; (d) AI which is always useful, requiring minimum user involvement; (e) and AI which is always safe, ensuring protection and privacy for the user.

In addition to Moscow, the Koreans have plans to open similar centers in Cambridge and Toronto. In November 2017 Samsung Research showcased such a center in Seoul and then this past January in Silicon Valley.

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